Moving to the Cloud with SaaS Phi Consulting February 15, 2022
Moving to the Cloud with SaaS

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that most adults today remember using large CDs or DVDs to install software on to their computers. Installing this software didn’t just take up a lot of time it also made individuals with no knowledge of tech assume the role of a tech expert and try and somehow make a software work on their computer. Needless to say, there were almost always glitches along the way. From incomplete installation to errors in running the program, the whole process was just time consuming and painfully long.

Luckily, gone are those days of painfully laborious software installation. Thanks to high speed Internet, we now live in a world where sending large volumes of data is possible only within minutes. The tech industry, owing to these major advancements is quickly and steadily moving towards the revolution of cloud computing. Instead of relying on heavy files and local machines that’s strenuous and time consuming, cloud computing is a computing environment that allows users to go beyond the confines of machines or heavy software. The world of SaaS is characterized by a shift to Internet delivered software applications that are accessible from anywhere, at any moment. Instead of having to rely on a desktop at all moments for work, cloud computing allows users to access data and connect with people from practically any mobile device.

Typically, conventional methods of software installation and usage were accompanied with paying hefty amounts for single software with a license that could be used on only one device. Saas, however, allows users to access single software from multiple devices with all its vigour and functionality. Saving users from endless licensing and hefty upfront payments, SaaS has truly transformed business and software usage and has improved it by leaps and bounds.

Despite all the advantages SaaS provides from higher efficiency to integration, perhaps the biggest advantage is the fact that SaaS has revolutionized software delivery shifting from heavy hardware installation and configuring and running apps locally to the smoothness of the cloud. In addition, maintenance, licensing and support are so easy it’s hard to believe. While adopting SaaS may be accompanied with challenges, as is every operation, the benefits considerably outweigh the challenges. Companies and start-ups across the world can adopt for not only greater efficiency in day-to-day operations but greater productivity with higher integration and connectivity.