The Power of Salesforce Phi Consulting November 9, 2021
The Power of Salesforce

The modern workplace is riddled with technology; a necessary evil. Something that was adopted to cope with the times and was found to be a blessing in disguise, technology is the present and the future. One major part of modern tech is Cloud Computing, something there has been recently a surge of in recent times. Cloud computing, in simple words, is delivering computing services which include, but are not limited to, databases, networking, software, servers, storage, intelligence and analytics, all in the cloud. Created to provide swiftness and higher innovation, cloud computing helps you achieve economies of scale and growth in the inherently competitive economy.

When it comes to cloud computing the biggest innovator and incumbent in the world today is Salesforce. With a tremendous impact on the world of computing, Salesforce took the world by storm. Before the creation of Salesforce, Customer Relationship Management was hosted on a company’s own server, raising costs, workloads and time tremendously. Even after all the work was done, these servers were not only difficult to use but also not user-friendly at all. Salesforce was created as efficient and affordable CRM software and was made available as software online. The fifth largest software company in the world, Salesforce defines SaaS.

Salesforce doesn’t just provide companies with cloud computing or reduce costs, it makes installation incredibly easy by moving everything to the internet. Leaving behind long-term contracts and expensive licensing deals, Salesforce makes it cheap and easy for companies to scale to the heights they want. These groundbreaking software leverages contemporary cloud technologies to not only create an integrated system of software but also makes it extremely user-friendly. With swiftness and ease, Salesforce allows you to connect with your customers and provide the best services possible. By streamlining adaptation, Salesforce helps you transform your business to escalate sales and performance and helps create an incredible customer experience.

Data and evidence shows that customers throughout the world find Salesforce effective and impactful. By moving your business to the cloud, you bring incredible agility and dynamism to your business; with customers and team members accessing data and applications through the internet. All businesses of this time are changing and Salesforce is the ultimate solution that helps you capitalize on that change. With seamless integration with third party applications and integration with software, Salesforce is the ultimate and most impactful step into the future for any business.